Uncover the Best Things to Do in Malta: Your Ultimate Guide

Things to do in Malta

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best things to do in Malta. This island offers breathtaking landscapes, a rich history and a vibrant culture. Prepare to dive into a world where crystal-clear waters meet ancient ruins, and every corner promises an exciting adventure.

Looking for outdoor activities, or cultural experiences, or want to learn about Malta’s past? Malta’s got it. There’s so much to see and do, and I cannot wait to show it all to you.

I’ll show you the best things to do in Malta. From hidden gems to touristy must-visit sites, you’ll know what to do for an enjoyable time.

Key Takeaways on the Best Things to Do in Malta

  • Malta offers much to see and do. You won’t get bored.
  • The beaches are beautiful with clear water and fun activities like swimming and snorkeling.
  • History is everywhere from ancient towns to thousand-year-old temples to WWII sites.
  • Malta food is yummy: Try local food like pastizzi and rabbit stew.
  • If you like nature, you can go on a hike and see amazing views, or visit Gozo for a quiet, pretty place.
  • Scuba diving is big in Malta because the water is so clear. There are many things to see underwater from natural reefs and sealife to shipwrecks.

Explore Malta’s Stunning Beaches

Malta’s beaches are popular for their blue waters and sand. They draw crowds for their beauty and fun, like splashing around, making sandcastles, and trying water sports.

The beaches like Golden Bay and Ghadira Bay are family favourites. They are spacious, and accessible and have plenty to do, from eating out to renting water sports equipment. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay offers a quiet vibe. It’s also a prime spot for stunning sunsets.

Things to do in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha Beach
Ghajn Tuffieha Beach

Paradise Bay might be smaller, but it’s a gem for snorkelling, thanks to its crystal-clear waters.

And for thrill-seekers, places like Peter’s Pool are suitable for jumping off cliffs.

Things to do in Malta - St. Peter's Pool
St. Peter’s Pool

Top beaches to visit in Malta and Gozo:

Beach NameLocationHighlights
Ramla BeachEast of GozoRed sandy beach, shallow waters, natural surroundings, family-friendly, water sports.
St. Peter’s PoolSoth of MaltaNatural swimming pool, rocky beach, clear waters, popular for cliff jumping.
Hondoq BaySouth of GozoCrystal clear water, views of Comino with a spot for jumping and water sports.
Blue Lagoon & CominoCominoSmall beach, clear turquoise waters,  good for snorkelling, kayaks for rental, and nearby hiking trails. Check out my top recommended boat tours to Blue Lagoon.
Golden BayWest of MaltaLarge sandy beach, family-friendly, water sports, nearby amenities.
Ghadira BayNorth-East of MaltaMalta’s largest sandy beach, shallow waters, accessible, family-friendly,  water sports.
Ghajn Tuffieha BayWest of MaltaScenic views, less crowded, good for hiking and watching sunsets.
Paradise BayNort-West of MaltaSmall beach, clear turquoise waters,  good for snorkelling, kayaks for rental,  nearby hiking trails.
Imgiebah BayNorth-East of MaltaWild beach, dog friendly, no amenities.
Ghar LapsiSouth-WestNatural pool, shallow, good for kids.

For those who enjoy discovering Malta’s less touristy spots, Imgiebah Beach and Ghar Lapsi are perfect. Ghar Lapsi, with its shallow waters, is a hit with families and offers a playground nearby for extra fun. Imgiebah Beach, also called Selmun Beach, is a quiet pebble beach perfect for a calm day, hikes, and nature.

Tip: Visit the beaches early in the morning to avoid the crowds and get the best spots.

Don’t forget to put Malta’s beautiful beaches on your trip list. They’re a must-see!

Best Things to Do in Malta: Explore Malta’s Rich History

Malta is like a big museum under the sun. Let’s check out some spots you can’t miss:

MdinaVisit Mdina, the ‘silent city’ surrounded by tall walls. It’s an old town that was once Malta’s main city. It’s famous for its historic buildings, narrow streets, and panoramic views of the whole island.
Hal Saflieni HypogeumDiscover the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, a fascinating underground temple over 6000 years old. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Europe.
VallettaCheck out the impressive fortifications of Valletta, Malta’s capital city. It’s another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malta. Get lost in the city’s historic streets, visit the Grand Master’s Palace, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, underground city and the National Museum of Archaeology.
Three CitiesDiscover the Three Cities of Malta, a trio of historic cities rich in culture and history. Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua stand proudly, surrounded by fortress walls, offering a journey through time.
Things to do in Malta - Mdina Street
Street in Mdina

In addition to the above, there are many other historical landmarks and must-visit sites spread throughout the island. Whether you’re interested in the ancient temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra or the impressive fortifications of the Grand Harbour, there’s always something new to discover in Malta’s rich history. Want to know more? Look at my full guide to Malta’s historical spots.

If you want to understand Malta’s history well, take a walking tour in Valletta. Look at my guide for the best Valletta walking tours.

Experience Malta’s Cultural Delights

Malta has a lot of history and rich traditions. One of the best things to do in Malta is to immerse in culture by joining in on local festivals and trying Maltese food. From attending a local festa to indulging in the Maltese cuisine, there are plenty of cultural experiences to discover.

Best Things to Do in Malta: Attend a Local Village Festa

Catch a festa in Malta and you’re in for a treat. Music, food, and bright colours fill the streets as people celebrate their saints. The most famous festas take place in the summer months, with the Festa ta’ l-Imnarja in June and the Festa Santa Marija in August. But every summer week has at least one festa, sometimes more. Want to join in? Ask someone, and they’ll tell you where the fun is.

Things to do in Malta - Festa Decorations in Naxxar
Festa Decorations in Naxxar

Explore Traditional Villages

Exploring traditional villages is an ideal way to soak in the Maltese culture. Marsaxlokk, with its vibrant fishing boats and delicious seafood, is a must-see. Make sure to visit the Sunday market for the freshest catch.

Other authentic villages to mention are Qrendi, Naxxar and Rabat. They are filled with traditional architecture and genuine Maltese vibes.

Qrendi is home to the ancient Mnajdra Temples and breathtaking scenery. Naxxar is another gem, boasting traditional buildings and the grand Palazzo Parisio Palace. Its old streets invite leisurely walks. In Rabat, history is everywhere. See St. Paul’s Catacombs and wander the quiet streets.

Best Things to Do in Malta: Indulge in Local Cuisine

Maltese cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean flavours with a Maltese twist. Be sure to try the traditional rabbit stew, or fenkata, and pastizzi, a flaky pastry filled with ricotta or mushy peas.

Things to do in Malta - Pastizzi

The Maltese also love their sweets, so don’t miss out on trying the famous imqaret, a sweet pastry filled with dates. For a true taste of Malta, head to the bustling food markets in Valletta or visit the local restaurants and cafes.

ĠbejnietA type of cheese made from goat milk served as a snack or part of a platter.
PastizziA flaky pastry filled with either ricotta cheese or mushy peas served as a savoury snack.
Lampuki PieA fish pie made with lampuki (dolphin fish) and vegetables, served in the autumn season.
Rabbit StewA traditional Maltese dish made with rabbit meat, vegetables, and a tomato-based sauce, served as a main course.

Complete your meal with a glass of local wine or a refreshing Maltese beer, such as Cisk. Indulge your taste buds and explore Malta’s rich culinary heritage.

Best Things to Do in Malta: Discover Malta’s Natural Wonders

Malta isn’t just about history and culture. Outdoor lovers also have so many things to do in Malta and Gozo. The island is full of beautiful landscapes and hidden gems. There’s always something exciting for exploration enthusiasts.

Visit Must-See Nature Places

You can access complete guides to these places by clicking on the hyperlinks.

PlaceLocationFamous For
Blue GrottoZurrieqBoat trips to the caves, deep blue waters and sunsets.
Coral LagoonMelliehaA hidden sea cave with a natural arch, great for kayaking.
Blue LagoonCominoTop tourist spot, a lagoon with turquoise waters.
Dingli CliffsDingliThe highest point in Malta, with stunning sea views, sunsets, and walks.
Dwejra BayGozoInland Sea, Blue Hole, Azure Window (collapsed during a storm in 2017).
Ghasri ValleyGozoA canyon-like valley leading to a beautiful pebbly beach.
Mgarr Ix-XiniGozoA quiet bay with a pebble beach and a historic tower.
Things to do in Malta - Blue Lagoon in Comino
Blue Lagoon in Comino
Things to do in Malta - Ghasri Valley in Gozo
Ghasri Valley in Gozo
Things to do in Malta - Coral Lagoon
Coral Lagoon

Go Hiking

Malta and Gozo offer some nice hiking routes. Imagine walking along a cliff, the sea breeze on your face, and every view is like a postcard. Hiking here is about discovery – finding hidden beaches and views that make you stop to take pictures. Below are my top recommended hikes to try. Click on the links to access the full guides.

Top hiking trails in Malta and Gozo:

Hike NameDistanceTime Level
Victoria Lines14 km3h 30mIntermediate
Selmun Circular 7.88 km 2h 12mIntermediate
Paradise Bay Loop 8 km2h 18mIntermediate
St Thomas Bay to St Peter’s Pool8.87 km2h 15mIntermediate
Ghajn Tuffieha to Gnejna Bay3.95 km1h 19mIntermediate
Ancient Temples to Natural Pool5.58 km 1h 22mIntermediate
Majjistral Park8.95 km2h 29mEasy
Mgarr Harbour to Xlendi12.1 km 3h 20m Intermediate
Xwejni Bay to Wied il-Ghasri 4.54 km1h 10m Easy
Things to do in Malta - Victoria Lines
Victoria Lines
Things to do in Malta - Majjistral Park
Majjistral Park

Best Things to Do in Malta: Try Water Sports

Malta is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. With its clear blue seas, it’s a paradise for anyone eager to splash into activities like snorkelling, kayaking, and more. Here’s a quick guide to the best sea adventures Malta offers.

ActivityWhy is it Special? Locations
Scuba DivingShipwrecks and clear depths up to 50m, can be done all year round.More than 50 sites, all around Malta.
SnorkellingClear waters with vibrant sea life.Any rocky beach, or rocky sides of the sandy beaches.
Paddle BoardingUnique views of the coast and sunrise or sunset paddles.Rent a paddle board in Ghadira, Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, St Thomas or Ramla Beach in Gozo
KayakingExplore hidden coves and historical views from the sea.Ghadira, Golden Bay, Xlendi, Paradise Bay, Ramla and Hondoq Bay in Gozo
ParasailingAerial views of Malta’s coastline and bays.Comino, St. Julians
Things to do in Malta - Kayaking
Kayaking in Ghasri Valley, Gozo
Things to do in Malta - Paddle Boarding
Paddle Boarding During Sunset

As you can see there are so many things to do in Malta and Gozo for outdoor lovers. With its sun-kissed trails and blue sea, adventure is always just a step away. Hike rugged landscapes, dive into water sports and visit nature spots.

Best Things to Do in Malta: Malta’s Nightlife

Malta sparkles at night. Paceville in St. Julian’s is where the fun’s at, with its buzz of clubs and bars. It’s the go-to place for anyone ready to move to the beat until the sun rises. Love music? Paceville’s got it all, from live bands to top DJs spinning tracks.

And don’t miss the pool parties at Café del Mar, where the vibe is as cool as the water. For epic parties with famous DJs, Gianpula is the place to be. 

Tip: Keep an eye on the local events calendar on Facebook too — it’s your golden ticket to the hottest parties.

Visit Gozo, Malta’s Sister Island

If you come for a week or longer, I recommend visiting Gozo. It’s a calm place with friendly villages, clear blue water, and hidden beaches. Gozo is perfect for a break from the busy world.

What to Do in Gozo

Gozo offers a range of outdoor adventures, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. Hike along the picturesque countryside, explore the dramatic cliffs of Ta’ Ċenċ, or dive into the famous Dwejra Bay with its Inland Sea and Blue Hole.

Things to do in Malta - Dwejra Bay in Gozo
Dwejra Bay in Gozo

Things to do in Malta - Inland Sea in Gozo
Inland Sea in Gozo

For those interested in history and culture, Gozo also offers several historical landmarks. Visit the awe-inspiring Ggantija Temples or explore the medieval Citadel in Victoria.

Check out my full guide to things to do in Gozo.

Things to do in Malta - Blue Hole
Blue Hole

How to Get to Gozo

Getting to Gozo is a breeze. You have two main options: the Ċirkewwa ferry terminal or the Valletta terminal.

Ċirkewwa ferry terminal welcomes cars and pedestrians, and the journey takes less than 30 minutes.

Here’s some advice: the ferry gets busy when Gozo locals head to Malta for work and Maltese escape to Gozo for weekends. Friday and Sunday evenings are the peak hours. Try to avoid these times in the summer.

If you travel without a car, you can get to Gozo from Valletta by fast ferry. There are two companies operating the ferries – Gozo Fast Ferry and Virtu Ferries. Book tickets here.

Quick Tips for Visiting Gozo:

  • Don’t miss the chance to try Gozo’s famous pizza, ftira. The best place to get one is at Mekrens or Maxxok.

  • Rent a car to explore the island at your own pace. I recommend Discover Cars. They offer the largest choice and inexpensive rates.

Things to do in Malta - Ftira from Mekrens Bakery
Ftira from Mekrens Bakery

Best Things to Do in Malta: Unwind at Malta’s Luxury Resorts and Spas

If you’re looking for a luxurious holiday in Malta, you’re in luck. This island is packed with nice resorts and spas. Check out my comprehensive guide to 5-star hotels in Malta and Gozo.

Luxury Hotels in St. Julian’s

St. Julian’s shines as a top town in Malta, famous for its buzzing vibe and beautiful sea views. The resort town is home to a wide array of luxury hotels and resorts, such as InterContinental Malta and Hilton Malta. They offer outdoor and indoor pools and spas that are out of this world.

Feel like spoiling yourself? Make time for a spa day. At the Hilton Malta, pamper yourself with facials, body scrubs, or soothing aromatherapy massages. Or, visit the InterContinental Malta for a workout in the cutting-edge gym and a wind-down session in the sauna. It’s all about living the high life here.

Countryside Retreats

If you prefer a quiet environment, Malta offers several countryside retreats. In Attard, the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa has a picturesque garden setting and a range of spa treatments, including hot stone massages and hydrotherapy.
Over on Gozo Island, the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz in the pretty village of San Lawrenz mixes adventure and luxury. You can hike, dive, snorkel, and relax in the spa.

Comparison of Luxury Resorts and Spas in Malta

Resort and SpaLocationSpa Services
InterContinental MaltaSt. Julian’sMassage, Facials, Body Treatments
Hilton MaltaSt. Julian’sMassage, Facials, Aromatherapy
Corinthia Palace Hotel & SpaAttardMassage, Hydrotherapy, Facials
Kempinski Hotel San LawrenzSan Lawrenz, GozoMassage, Body Treatments, Beauty Services

No matter which resort or spa you choose, your Malta stay will be comfortable and luxurious. Enjoy a massage or relax by the pool and let your worries disappear. A visit to one of these spas is your ticket to a pampered holiday.

Things to do in Malta - Swimming in Ghasri Valley Gozo
Swimming in Ghasri Valley Gozo

Attend Malta’s Festivals and Events

Malta buzzes with life, rich in culture and history. Attending religious feasts or music festivals are some of the best things to do in Malta when on holiday. Here are some of my favourite annual events.

The Malta International Fireworks Festival

The Malta International Fireworks Festival lights up the sky every April. It’s a dazzling show you can’t miss if you visit Malta at that time of the year. World-class fireworks companies fill the night with colour above Valletta’s Grand Harbour. It’s a grand spectacle on the Maltese calendar.

The Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck

As a predominantly Catholic nation, Malta has a rich religious heritage. The Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck is one of the most significant celebrations on the island. Malta honours St. Paul’s Shipwreck on February 10 yearly and celebrates it with processions and parades.

The Valletta Baroque Festival

The Valletta Baroque Festival lights up January with classical melodies. It’s a tribute to the grand Baroque era, known for its legendary composers. The festival fills the air with concerts and recitals. You’ll see stars from around the world and local talents too.

Isle of MTV Malta

The Isle of MTV Malta is a summer highlight, every July. It’s where world-famous stars and fresh local artists hit the stage. Several famous names like Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas rocked this event. It’s a hit for music lovers, young and old.

The Birgufest

If you’re looking to experience Malta’s historic towns, Birgufest is the event for you. Held annually in October, this festival celebrates Birgu’s rich heritage, one of Malta’s towns of the Three Cities. Expect candlelit streets, live music, traditional food and drink, and plenty of opportunities to explore the town’s historic landmarks and hidden corners.

Things to do in Malta - Traditional Architecture in Three Cities
Traditional Architecture in Three Cities

The Malta Arts Festival

The Malta Arts Festival is a vibrant showcase of creativity. Every June or July, it presents a mix of theatre, dance, and visual arts. Artists from Malta and beyond share their work. The schedule is full, offering diverse experiences for all.

The Notte Bianca

Finally, if you’re looking for a night of cultural exploration and fun, Notte Bianca is not to be missed. Held annually in October, this festival sees Valletta come alive with performances, installations, exhibitions, and events. In addition, museums, galleries, and historic landmarks are open until dawn. Expect a magical night of culture, art, and music, as the city transforms into a living work of art.

Malta is full of festivals and events all year round. Malta’s Facebook events calendar is an ideal place to find them. You will surely find something fun to do during your trip.

Things to do in Malta - Street in Valletta
Street in Valletta

To sum up, there are so many things to do in Malta: visit beautiful beaches, immerse in rich history and fascinating culture, and enjoy nature’s beauty. Looking for adventure or culture? Want to chill out? This Mediterranean island has you covered. Get ready for a trip to Malta. It’s a place you won’t forget.

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