Kayaking in Malta: Your Ultimate Guide

Kayaking in Malta, a person paddles a vibrant red kayak amidst the calm waters, surrounded by rocky cliffs and clear blue skies.

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Kayaking in Malta is an exciting adventure for water sports lovers. With its crystal-clear waters, diverse sea life, caves and stunning coastline, Malta is an ideal place to practice this water sport.

I’ve been living in Malta since 2011, and I enjoy swimming and water sports. Kayaking is one of my favourite water activities, and I often rent a kayak to plan a fun day out with my friends.

In this post, I want to share everything about kayaking in Malta with you, including the best spots to rent a kayak, safety tips, and more.

What Makes Kayaking in Malta Unique?

Sea kayaking in Malta isn’t just about the sport; it’s about the adventure, history, and natural beauty that make it so special. 

Diverse landscapes: Malta’s varied coastline offers many kayaking spots. Discover hidden coves, paddle along dramatic cliffs, or explore sea caves.

Marine life: The Mediterranean Sea’s crystal clear waters are full of marine life. You’ll see fish and sometimes sea turtles or dolphins.

History from the water: There’s nothing like kayaking on Malta, with its rich history spanning over 7,000 years. You can learn about the island’s storied past by seeing ancient fortifications from the sea or paddling through historic harbours.

Access to remote locations: Getting out on a kayak lets you explore parts of Malta that aren’t accessible by land. Find secluded beaches, explore caves, and find secret spots only locals know about.

Year-round sea kayaking opportunities: Kayaking is possible all year round in Malta, thanks to its mild winters and warm summers. Even during winter, the sea remains warm, making it suitable for off-season trips.

Crystal-clear turquoise waters fill Mgarr Ix-Xini Bay in Gozo, Malta. A lone kayak glides peacefully across the serene surface, flanked by rugged cliffs and a historic limestone tower overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Exploring Gozo’s Mgarr Ix-Xini Bay on a Kayak, Malta

A Map of the Best Kayaking Spots in Malta

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Spots in Malta:

  1. Paradise Bay
  2. St. Thomas Bay
  3. Golden Bay
  4. Ghadira Bay
  5. Coral Lagoon
  6. Gnejna Bay

Spots in Gozo:

  1. Xlendi Bay
  2. Mgarr Ix-Xini
  3. Ramla Bay

Best Places for Kayaking in Malta and Gozo

Top Spots in Malta

Paradise Bay

Known for its crystal-clear water and sandy shores, Paradise Bay is a must-visit spot for kayakers. You can rent a kayak and explore the natural window or find remote bays along the coast.

If you paddle for an hour or so, you’ll get to Ras il-Qammieh, a rock area with big boulders and moon-like terrain.

Kayak rental: The shop is below the restaurant.

St. Thomas Bay

Rent a kayak at St. Thomas Bay in Marsaskala and explore Munxar Arch and Munxar Bay caves. You’ll swim along white cliffs, and you may even see dolphins if you start early in the morning.

Kayak rental / Guided tours: SIPS Watersports Malta offers to rent kayaks and other watersport equipment. Also, you can get a guided tour here. Make sure you book at least a day in advance.

Kayaking a breathtaking natural wonder Munxar Arch, where the smooth, curved limestone arch frames the calm sea and towering cliffs.
Munxar Arch on a Kayak, Malta

For a fun day in the water, check out St. Thomas Bay’s water activities.

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Golden Bay

From Golden Bay you can kayak south to discover secluded bays or head to Ghajn Tuffieha for an epic sea adventure. Don’t forget to stop for a swim!

Kayak rental: You can rent a kayak on the right side of the beach (click here for the exact location).

Ghadira Bay (Mellieha)

Ghadira is the gateway to Imgiebah Bay‘s unspoiled beauty. Rent a kayak, paddle through the serene waters, and swim in the blue sea. The contrast between the blue sea and the surrounding yellow cliffs is truly amazing.

Kayak rental: There is a watersport rental shop here.

In Imgiebah Bay, Malta, a lone kayaker navigates the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by rugged cliffs and a majestic sea cave. The vibrant red kayak contrasts beautifully with the turquoise hues of the water.
Kayaking in Imgiebah Bay, Malta

Coral Lagoon

Kayak from Tortuga Beach to Coral Lagoon, a natural sea pool surrounded by cliffs and connected to the ocean through a tunnel. Kayaking in this picturesque natural setting is sure to be memorable.

Kayak rental: The rental shop is here.

Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is a gateway to Ta’ Maria Cave, one of the area’s hidden treasures. Check out my guide to kayaking to Ta’ Maria Cave.

You can also paddle to Ghan Tuffieha and explore the rocky coast on the way.

Kayak rental: You can rent a kayak here

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Top Spots in Gozo


Discover the Xlendi cliffs, caves and the Tower by kayak. You can paddle into the Kantra Valley, which resembles a small canyon.

Kayak rental: The water sports centre is here

On a pink kayak in Xlendi Bay, Gozo, the calm waters stretch ahead, flanked by cliffs. A luxurious yacht is visible in the distance.
Xlendi Bay on a Kayak, Gozo

Mgarr Ix Xini

Mgarr Ix-Xini is a fjord-like location, sheltered from the wind, which makes for a peaceful sea kayaking experience. Beautiful rocky inlets and coves can be found along the coastline.

Kayak rental: A van with kayaks for rental is usually parked close to the beach. 

Kayaking through narrow inlets in Mgarr Ix-Xini Bay, the clear waters reveal the rocky formations beneath.
Exploring Mgarr Ix-Xini Bay Inlets on a Kayak

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay offers an excellent opportunity to kayak along the coast beneath striking clay cliffs. You can paddle south to San Blas, a secluded beach with beautiful coastal views.

Kayak rental: You will see kayaks close to the water in the middle of the beach (click here for the exact location).

There are lots of enjoyable kayaking spots in Malta, each unique and with rental shops nearby for on-the-spot equipment rental. In general, you don’t need to book in advance – show up and grab one.

Most of these shops also offer guided tours. Links to Google Maps are included for each rental shop, so you can get contact info quickly. Call them and book your guided adventure.

Safety Tips for Kayaking in Malta

There’s nothing like a kayaking adventure in Malta, but safety should always be your top priority. Here are some tips to keep you safe and have fun:

Wear a lifejacket: No matter how proficient you are at swimming, a lifejacket is necessary when kayaking. It will keep you safe.

Check the weather forecast: You should check the weather forecast before kayaking. Avoid kayaking in high winds or storms. 

Stay hydrated and sun-protected: Keep hydrated, apply sunscreen regularly, and wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun in Malta. Even though you might not feel hot while kayaking, the sun is very strong. I have sunburned while kayaking.

Stay close to the shoreline: It’s safer to stay close to the shore. If the weather changes unexpectedly or other problems arise, you can easily return to land.

Respect marine life: Keep your distance and avoid direct contact with marine life if you encounter it while kayaking.

Learn to reenter your kayak: If your kayak overturns, you need to know how to get back into it while in the water. Practising this skill in a controlled environment is a smart idea before heading out.

Have the rental shop’s phone number in case of emergency: Put your phone in a waterproof case and save the kayak rental shop number. If you run into any difficulties, they can help, often deploying a dinghy to get you back.

Never venture too far: Kayaking can exhaust you, even if you’re fit. Rent for a short time and stay close to the coast so you don’t strain yourself. It’s safer to stay close to the shore.

Your kayaking adventure should be thrilling, but safety always comes first. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience in Malta.

Kayaking in Ghadira Bay, the clear blue waters stretch endlessly, with the adventurer in the red kayak enjoying the vast expanse of the sea under the bright sun.
Kayaking in Ghadira Bay, Malta

Kayaking in Malta: FAQ

Can you kayak in Malta?

Yes, Malta is great for kayaking. It has clear waters, a beautiful coastline, and diverse marine life. This makes it ideal for both beginners and experts.

Is kayaking safe for beginners in Malta?

Kayaking in Malta is safe for beginners, but they must follow safety guidelines. These include wearing a life jacket, checking the weather, and staying near the shore. Many spots in Malta offer calm waters, ideal for beginners. Plus, guided tours are available for extra support.

Where is it safe to kayak in Malta?

The safest and most popular kayaking spots in Malta are Paradise Bay, Golden Bay, Ghadira Bay, and St. Thomas Bay. In Gozo, you can try Xlendi Bay, Mgarr Ix-Xini, and Ramla Bay. These spots have calm waters and are easy to reach.

What is the best time of year to go kayaking in Malta?

You can kayak in Malta all year. Yet, summer (June to September) is ideal. The water is warm and the weather is stable. Spring and autumn are also good but the water might be cooler and it might be more windy.

Do I need any prior experience to go kayaking in Malta?

You don’t need experience to kayak in Malta. Many spots have calm waters for beginners. Yet, if you’re new, we suggest a guided tour or lesson. This way, you’ll learn proper techniques and safety rules.

What should I wear while kayaking in Malta?

When kayaking in Malta, wear quick-drying clothes like swimwear or shirts and shorts. Use water shoes or sandals with straps. Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection.

What safety measures should I take while kayaking in Malta?

When kayaking in Malta, wear a life jacket. First, check the weather. Then, stick to the shore. Also, stay hydrated. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Lastly, carry a waterproof phone case. It should have the rental shop’s number for emergencies.

Can I kayak to Comino or Gozo from Malta?

Kayaking from Malta to Comino or Gozo is possible. But, it’s risky for beginners or without a guide. The distances between the islands are long, and many boats are crossing the channel. It’s safer and more fun to explore each island’s coast separately.

Kayaking around Malta’s coast is fantastic. It offers physical challenges, thrilling adventures, and scenic views of the best spots.

Malta also offers other water and land-based activities. If you like kayaking, you might also like paddle boarding, another enjoyable way to see the coast. If you want to explore the underwater world, you can try scuba diving and snorkelling in Malta’s crystal-clear waters.

In addition to water sports, hiking in Malta is another must-try. The island’s varied terrain and breathtaking scenery make it an ideal hiking destination.

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