Paradise Bay Beach: What to See, Do and Know

Paradise Bay Beach Malta

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Paradise Bay Beach in Malta is small, but you should not miss it. Its beautiful surroundings make it an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. It’s got stunning views of Gozo and cliffs that keep the wind away.

Living in Malta since 2011, I’ve explored all its beaches. Paradise Bay stands out as one of my top favourites beaches in Malta and Gozo.

I get it – “Small beach? Is it worth it?” Yes, it is. Just avoid going on summer weekends; too crowded.

In this post, I’ll share my top reasons to visit, how to get there, things to do, nearby attractions, and insider tips for your trip.

Where is Paradise Bay Beach?

Paradise Bay is in the northern part of Malta, near Mellieha and the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal. Both tourists and locals love it because of its stunning natural beauty.

Aerial view of a picturesque Paradise Bay Beach surrounded by rocky cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and a sandy shoreline, bathed in sunlight.
Aerial view of Paradise Bay Beach, Malta

How to Get to Paradise Bay Beach

You can get to Paradise Bay Beach in a few ways.

Getting there by car is easy. Just follow the signs for Paradise Bay off the main road leading to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal. Parking is available nearby.

If you travel by bus, it’s easier to get to Cirkewwa. Paradise Bay Beach is a short walk from the Cirkewwa that runs frequently from Valletta or other major towns.

Getting There:

  • Location: link to Google Maps
  • The nearest bus stop: Paradise, however, buses are infrequent. It’s better to go to Musa, the bus stop for Cirkewwa. Paradise Bay is 15 minutes away on foot.
  • Frequency of the buses: very infrequent if you travel to the bus stop in Paradise, but many buses take you to Musa.
  • Parking: ample space is here

My Top Reasons To Visit Paradise Bay Beach

Stunning scenery:

Paradise Bay Beach has a picturesque setting. Its clear waters, sandy shores, rocky cliffs and distant views of Gozo make it an outstanding destination.

A serene beach scene with lush greenery in the foreground, overlooking calm turquoise waters and a sandy shore, under a clear blue sky. In a distance you can see a ferry and a rocky shoreline of Gozo.
Ferry and Gozo Views, at Paradise Bay

Swimming and snorkelling:

This beach has crystal clear water. On both rocky sides, marine life is vibrant. Snorkelling and swimming here are fantastic.

Water is shallow, so families and non-swimmers can enjoy it.

Crystal-clear Paradise Bay Beach waters gently washing over sandy shores with a backdrop of rocky cliffs and a clear blue sky.
Clear Waters and Sand

Ample parking:

The beach offers a spacious parking lot. I usually arrive at the beach in the morning or afternoon and find parking easily.

Water sports:

There is a kayaking rental shop at Paradise Bay Beach, as well as snorkelling equipment for sale.

Proximity to other attractions:

The beach is close to a fantastic hiking spot and one of the most stunning sunset spots on the island. So you can combine beach time with hiking and enjoy a sunset in the evening.


Visitors to Paradise Bay Beach will be provided with a variety of amenities, such as restrooms, showers, sun beds, and umbrellas for rent. In addition, there is a beach bar and restaurant.

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Tips for the Best Experience

Paradise Bay Beach is small and crowded during the summer weekends. If possible, avoid Sundays and arrive early to get the best spot.

Make sure you bring sun protection, a hat, and sunglasses. Also, get your snorkelling gear because you can see many fish and other marine life if you swim along the rocky coast.

Be sure the beach is free of jellyfish, so you can swim without worry. Check out my jellyfish guide or other online resources.

Families enjoy the sunny day at the Paradise Beach, with some playing in the shallow waters and others relaxing on the sandy shore.
Beautiful Water at Paradise Bay Beach

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Hike

Paradise Bay Beach offers many hiking trails for those seeking some physical activity. My favourite trail is an 8 km circular hike from Paradise Beach to the Red Tower and back. Here is a complete guide to it.

Scenic coast with breathtaking views of the turquoise sea and rugged cliffs.
Hiking in the Surrounding Area of Paradise Bay, Malta

Explore a Cave

If you want a short walk, you can see a cave. The cave is twenty minutes from the beach.

It is a naturally formed limestone sinkhole appearing like a hollow in the ground. It is quite deep – around ten meters – and has some small steps along the left. The rocks are unstable, so be careful here. You may notice water droplets falling from the walls and feel a refreshing coolness.

A picturesque view from within a cave, showcasing the blue sky adorned with fluffy clouds, surrounded by the rocky landscape and lush greenery.
A Cave near Paradise Bay, Malta

Visit the Window to the Sea

A bit further from the cave, you’ll find a limestone window facing the sea. It’s not so special, just a pretty place to take Instagram pictures. It looks gorgeous at sunset and has breathtaking views. In the distance, you can even see Gozo’s majestic cliffs.

A person standing next to a limestone window on a rocky cliff overlooking the calm sea during sunset.
Limestone Window, an Attraction close to Paradise Bay

Enjoy an Amazing Sunset

To catch the sunset, head up and walk to the left along the top of the cliffs, as it’s not visible from the beach.

A landscape overlooking a rocky coastline with sparse vegetation, boats anchored in the calm waters, and the setting sun casting a warm glow over the scene at Paradise Beach.
Paradise Bay Beach during Golden Hour

For the best sunset views, I suggest walking or driving to the radar station. The radar station has fallen into disrepair, but the surrounding areas are beautiful.

Its elevated location gives it a sweeping view of Malta, with the sea on either side. You can see Comino and Gozo, Mallieha, Majjistral Park and Golden Bay from here. It’s a gorgeous setting for sunsets. Loves sunsets? Check out my blog on the 15 best sunset locations in Malta and Gozo.

Two people walking hand in hand through a rugged landscape close to radar station in the Paradise Bay area during sunset by the sea.
Sunset Views Next to the Radar

Paradise Bay Beach is a small and gorgeous beach with crystal-clear waters and views of Gozo and its cliffs. It’s an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling. With plenty of parking and facilities, visiting is easy and fun. Check out my other blog posts if you want to learn more about Malta’s beaches!

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