Local’s Guide to Għar Lapsi: Stunning Natural Pool in Malta

Ghar Lapsi in Malta

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Get ready to splash at Għar Lapsi, a charming natural pool in Malta. It’s more than just a swimming hole—it’s a beloved local treasure you need to check out. The place offers breathtaking coastal views, along with incredibly clear water home to vibrant marine life.

My Top Reasons for Visiting Għar Lapsi Beach

Learn my top reasons for visiting Għar Lapsi Malta and why this idyllic cove should be on your travel list.

Coastal charm: Stunning coastal views await you at Għar Lapsi. Imagine standing on the edge of a cove, surrounded by rugged cliffs, gazing out at a blue shimmering sea. Filfla, an uninhabited island, can be seen in the distance.

Għar Lapsi - A Natural Pool
A Natural Pool

Crystal clear waters: Because Malta’s Għar Lapsi is nestled away from crowded towns and has little boat traffic, the water here is undisturbed and pure. It is so clear that you can see straight through it as if looking through a glass. I love sitting down with my feet in the water and watching small fish swim around.

Għar Lapsi - Beachgoers

Underwater wonderland: Għar Lapsi is known for great underwater visibility which makes it easy to explore caves and underwater life. Divers have access to a 40-meter-long cave system with numerous cracks and holes, and various reefs with gorgeous walls and caves. Snorkelers can marvel at rock formations and swim alongside dazzling fish.

Safe for kids: Families with children love Għar Lapsi because it has shallow waters. Parents can relax and take in the surroundings while their little ones splash and play in the gentle embrace of the sea. Additionally, there is a newly renovated playground nearby, which adds to children’s enjoyment and entertainment.

Explorers’ delight: There are fishing boats, a cave, and rocks to climb at Għar Lapsi. Hikers will enjoy exploring the rugged coastline and stunning natural landscapes. You can hike to the Hagar Qim temple from Għar Lapsi. If you are interested, please check out my guide. You will see small coves, orange rocks, and turquoise waters.

Għar Lapsi - A View from the Cave
A View from the Cave

Why Għar Lapsi Beach Might Not Be for You

Għar Lapsi is a true gem, but let’s be honest, it might not be for everyone. If you’re a fan of sandy beaches where you can pitch a beach umbrella, Għar Lapsi Beach might disappoint you. Small and rocky, this place offers a different coastal experience.

In some areas of the cove, it can be quite slippery, and the slideway leading down can be quite steep. It might be challenging to navigate if you have mobility issues or are pushing a stroller. It’s also worth mentioning that, if you depend on rented umbrellas and sunbeds for ultimate relaxation, Għar Lapsi does not provide those amenities.

However, don’t let these factors discourage you completely! Għar Lapsi offers charm and rewards for those who want to swap sandy beaches for rocky coves bursting with natural beauty.

Għar Lapsi - Crystal Clear Waters
Crystal Clear Waters

How to Get There?

Għar Lapsi Beach is located on the southwestern coast of Malta, near the village of Siġġiewi. You can get there by car or by public transport.

If you prefer travelling by public transport, you need to first get to the airport and hop on the bus that travels via the Blue Grotto. You will certainly be impressed by the scenery on this route. However, there is no bus stop next to Għar Lapsi Beach. You’ll need to walk for approximately 25 minutes or 1.80 kilometres to reach it.

Getting to Għar Lapsi by car is easy. There is a large parking area nearby where your vehicle can be left safely.

Getting There:

  • Location: link to Google Maps
  • Nearest bus stop: Bajjada
  • Walking distance from the bus stop: 25 minutes or 1.80 kilometres away
  • Frequency of the buses: every 60 minutes or less
  • Parking available: car park near the beach

Need advice on renting a car in Malta? Here’s my guide with insider tips on everything you need to know.

Għar Lapsi Beach Nearby Attractions

Discover nearby attractions if you want to venture beyond Għar Lapsi

Blue Grotto: Take advantage of boat trips to see the blue waters and sea caves of the Blue Grotto, located just a few kilometres away from Għar Lapsi.

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples: You can explore Malta’s rich history by visiting the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. The two are UNESCO sites and date back to 3600-3200 BC.

Hiking Opportunities: Għar Lapsi is your gateway to rugged and wild coastal landscapes. You will enjoy panoramic views of the sparkling sea and the untouched beauty of the Maltese coast. Look out for more secluded coves suitable for swimming.

Things to Prepare for a Great Experience

Għar Lapsi is best enjoyed in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun casts a magical glow over the cove. The cove also has a beautiful sunset to enjoy. Avoid peak hours because it may get noisy and crowded.

Get your snorkelling gear ready! You don’t want to miss snorkelling at Għar Lapsi Beach. There is a lot to see under the water.

Safety first! It’s imperative to exercise caution at Għar Lapsi. Some areas can be slippery, so wear appropriate footwear and be careful. You should also be cautious in the water because of no lifeguards.

Malta beaches are occasionally affected by jellyfish influxes, which can make swimming difficult. Check local reports for jellyfish-free beaches.

Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun when at Għar Lapsi beach. The Mediterranean sun can be intense, so make sure your sunscreen has a high SPF rating to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat to prevent sunburn on your face and neck.

Għar Lapsi’s restaurants tend to fill up quickly on weekends, so it’s advisable to book a table in advance if you want a delicious meal while you’re there. 

Għar Lapsi - The Views from Għar Lapsi
The Views from Għar Lapsi

Għar Lapsi Beach: FAQ

What makes Għar Lapsi Beach special?

This beach is a charming natural pool in Malta, offering breathtaking coastal views and incredibly clear water home to vibrant marine life. It’s more than just a swimming hole; it’s a beloved local spot.

Is Għar Lapsi Beach suitable for snorkeling and diving?

Yes, Għar Lapsi is ideal for snorkelling and diving, thanks to its crystal clear waters. Divers can explore a 40-meter-long cave system and various reefs, while snorkelers can enjoy rock formations and vibrant fish​​.

Is Għar Lapsi Beach family-friendly?

The beach is safe for kids due to its shallow waters. There’s also a newly renovated playground nearby, making it a great spot for families​​.

What activities can be done at Għar Lapsi Beach?

Apart from swimming and snorkelling, visitors can explore the rugged coastline, hike to the Hagar Qim temple, and enjoy the natural landscapes. The area is also ideal for rock climbing.

Is Għar Lapsi Beach sandy or rocky?

This beach is small and rocky, providing a different coastal experience. It may not be suitable for those who prefer sandy beaches with amenities like rented umbrellas and sunbeds​​.

What are the best times to visit Għar Lapsi Beach?

It’s best enjoyed in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s less crowded. The cove offers beautiful sunsets to enjoy.

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I hope this article has helped showcase the wonders of Għar Lapsi in Malta and encouraged you to visit it. But hey, the adventure doesn’t stop there! If you’re eager to explore more of Malta’s incredible destinations, check out Travel2Malta’s guides to other stunning beaches, also to Coral Lagoon, another natural pool. In addition, check out a map of the island’s hidden gems, best sunset spots and trekking guides.

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