A Complete Guide to the Blue Lagoon and Comino Island

Blue Lagoon and Comino - Crystal clear waters

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The Blue Lagoon and Comino offer crystal clear waters and breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The lagoon is sheltered and shallow, with white sand at the bottom. It makes it a perfect natural swimming pool, one of the best swimming spots in the Mediterranean.

The Blue Lagoon is stunning, but it can become rather popular during the summer. That shouldn’t be a deterrent, though, as it’s one of the top things to do when visiting Maltese islands! Follow some tips and spend a day relaxing, swimming, exploring caves or hiking around Comino.

A Brief History of Blue Lagoon and Comino

The Blue Lagoon is near Comino Island, also known as Kemmuna. The island has been home to farmers since the Roman era, but it was largely uninhabited at different points in history. The island’s ragged shoreline, lined with limestone rocks and many caves, was a popular spot for pirates in the Middle Ages.

The Knights of Malta arrived in 1530 and used the island for relaxation and hunting wild boars and hares. Comino was where errant knights who misbehaved had to serve their sentences. Some knights were assigned the isolated and risky task of looking after St. Mary’s Tower.

During the French occupation, the existing structures on the island were used as quarantine facilities and a prison.

Interesting Facts about Blue Lagoon and Comino

  • Comino’s name came from the cumin seed
  • Officially there are only four residents of Comino island
  • The island is a conservation area (Natura 2000 Marine Protected Area)
  • St. Mary’s Tower was selected to be featured in the 2002 movie adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo as a representation of the Mediterranean prison Château d’If
  • In the past, Comino’s caves were a great place for pirates to hide.

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How to Get to the Blue Lagoon and Comino Island?

Comino Island is between Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea with a surface area of 3.5 square kilometres (1.35 sq mi). The Blue Lagoon is a preserved bay between Comino and the tiny island Cominotto (meaning little Comino). Find out more about the Maltese islands’ location and geography.

The Blue Lagoon and Comino Island are easily accessible from Malta. Yet, the only way to get there is by boat. 

The shuttle boats. This is by far the cheapest option to get to Comino. A return ticket costs €12 per person. You can get a small ferry from Marfa or Cirkewwa, in the North of Malta. Marfa and Cirkewwa are accessible by bus. Direct buses are going there from Valletta, Sliema, St. Julian’s or Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay. If you want to get to the Blue Lagoon from Gozo, find the shuttle boat at the Mgarr Harbour.

Private boat trips. If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, opt for a private boat charter. Enjoying Blue Lagoon from the boat deck is an excellent option. Especially in summer, the Blue Lagoon can get very busy during the peak season. The cost of a private boat charter depends on the boat’s size, trip duration, and the amenities offered. Typically, a full-day trip on a sailing yacht for up to 10 persons starts from €500. Check out this deal here.

Organised boat tours. Many boat companies offer day trips to Comino from Sliema and Bugibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay. The price starts at €30 per person. You can buy tickets online or in one of many ticket boots near the ports. I recommend getting tickets at least a day in advance. Check out my top recommendations for Comino boat tours.

Are you unsure if you should choose a private boat or an organised tour? Check out my guide to boat tours and private boat charters.

Best Time to Visit the Blue Lagoon

The best time to visit the Blue Lagoon is during the summer months. This is because the summer months (June through August) are the warmest. During these months, the Blue Lagoon gets very busy. If you’re looking for a quieter experience, visit Comino during the spring and fall months. Autumn is actually the best – Comino is less crowded, but the sea temperatures remain pretty warm, and lots of sunshine is still guaranteed.

What to do in the Blue Lagoon and Comino?

Blue Lagoon

When visiting the Blue Lagoon, you can expect stunning views and crystal-clear waters. Swimming, snorkelling, and taking many photos are obvious choices. If you want something a little more adventurous, try kayaking, scuba diving or parasailing.

Many visitors visit the famous Blue Lagoon and don’t venture beyond. But don’t forget, this island offers much more than that! Exploring the area is a breeze. You won’t have to worry about getting lost. The island is just 3.5km²!

Below are my top 3 must-see places in Comino other than the Blue Lagoon.

Saint Mary’s Tower

The entrance to the Saint Mary’s Tower is free, but even if it is closed, the views next to it are stunning. Saint Mary’s Tower (Maltese: Torri ta’ Santa Marija), also known as the Comino Tower (Maltese: Torri ta’ Kemmuna), is a massive fortified watchtower located here. It’s a well-known icon in Comino. The Tower stands at an altitude of eighty meters. So, it can be seen easily from Malta and Gozo.

The Saint Mary’s Tower played a significant role in the fortification system built by St. John Order. It was built to guard the Cittadella in Gozo and Mdina. Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt authorized its construction in 1618. Its development was funded via the sales of brushwood on the island and the profits of resettled farmers.

Santa Maria Cave

The cave is situated on the northern side of Comino on the right of Santa Maria Bay. This is a much-loved spot for divers to explore the unique cave systems and capture underwater shots.

Blue Lagoon and Comino - Santa Maroa Cave in Comino
Santa Maria Cave in Comino

I suggest taking a trip to this cave, which you can reach on foot. Upon arrival, you’ll find an enclosed natural swimming pool. Make sure to bring your snorkelling gear to appreciate the spectacular underwater views of the entrance to the open sea. There’s also a ladder to the sea where you can swim to other caves. The caves are not deep; they are partly above the water, making them ideal for snorkelers. The Santa Maria Caves are full of underwater life. You can spot seabreams, octopuses, crabs and morays.

Crystal Lagoon

Malta’s Crystal Lagoon is a stunning, sheltered bay surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. The depth of the lagoon reaches approximately 5-6 meters. It is mainly composed of a sandy bottom, resulting in a breathtaking view of the crystal clear waters ranging from turquoise to deep blues.

Blue Lagoon and Comino - The Crystal Lagoon in Comino
The Crystal Lagoon in Comino

The bay is a fantastic place for snorkelling and diving, with reefs and caves to explore all around the lagoon. Plus, there is a 30-meter tunnel cave with a small sandy beach. Small boats usually go there, but you can also swim through it. When the Blue Lagoon gets crowded, the Crystal Lagoon is a beautiful alternative. You can easily walk there from the Blue Lagoon.

Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon

Malta’s Blue Lagoon and Comino are among the most popular tourist destinations, and I recommend you don’t skip them. But as I already mentioned, the Blue Lagoon is extremely popular – it’s not uncommon to find crowds of people. This can be overwhelming, so arrive earlier in the day to avoid the biggest rush.

Here are some more travel tips:

  • Get to Comino early morning and after 4 pm to avoid crowds
  • If possible, avoid weekends
  • Make sure you get goggles or a snorkelling mask
  • Wear good sturdy sandals or aqua shoes, as the lagoon is quite rocky
  • Remember to bring sunscreen and a hat as the sun gets very intense
  • Also, bring water and plenty of snacks – there is very limited food offered at the Blue Lagoon, so you’ll want to come prepared
  • Take some cash because credit cards are not always accepted.

Blue Lagoon and Comino: FAQ

Is the Blue Lagoon Malta worth it?

Yes, the Blue Lagoon in Malta is worth visiting. It offers crystal clear waters, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, and is a perfect natural swimming pool. Despite its popularity in summer, it’s a top attraction on the Maltese islands​.

Can you swim at Blue Lagoon Malta?

Absolutely! You can swim in the Blue Lagoon’s stunning, crystal-clear waters. It’s also great for snorkelling, kayaking, and scuba diving​.

How do I get from Malta to the Blue Lagoon?

To get from Malta to the Blue Lagoon, the only method is by boat. Shuttle boats are the most affordable, with return tickets around €12 per person. You can find these ferries at Marfa or Cirkewwa in North Malta, both reachable by bus. Additionally, I recommend taking a boat tour for a more comprehensive experience. For the best tours, check out my post on recommended boat tours to the Blue Lagoon.

Is the Blue Lagoon free?

Access to the Blue Lagoon is free. However, you need to pay for a boat ride to get there. Once there, you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, and the picturesque scenery without any extra charge​.

Why is the Blue Lagoon Malta famous?

The Blue Lagoon is famous for its stunning views, sheltered and shallow waters, and the white sand at the bottom. This makes it one of the best swimming spots in the Mediterranean​.

How long should you spend at the Blue Lagoon?

The duration of your stay at the Blue Lagoon depends on your interests. You can spend a day relaxing, swimming, exploring caves, or hiking around Comino. Arriving early or after 4 pm helps avoid crowds​.

Is the Blue Lagoon and Comino the same?

The Blue Lagoon is part of Comino Island. It is a preserved bay between Comino and the tiny island of Cominotto. Comino itself offers more than just the Blue Lagoon, including hiking and exploring other scenic spots​.

How long does it take to walk around Comino?

Comino Island is just 3.5 square kilometres, making it easy to explore on foot without getting lost. The time to walk around is a few hours but it depends on your pace and how often you stop to enjoy the views​​.

Now you know all you need. So pack your bags and have a fantastic day in the Blue Lagoon and Comino. The crystal-clear, turquoise waters and stunning scenery will make your visit memorable!

Don’t stop at Comino, the Maltese Islands have so much more! Take a look at my guide for the best things to do in Malta. There’s also a list of the best beaches for a fun day out. And if you love being in the water, you’ll find awesome boat trips, scuba diving, and snorkelling adventures in my guides.

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