Explore St. Thomas Bay in the Southeast of Malta

St Thomas Bay - Sunrise

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Malta’s St. Thomas Bay stretches south of the island, with sandy and rocky shores. The beaches aren’t as stunning as the ones up north or on Gozo, but they have a great vibe. This spot is away from tourist hotspots and is popular with locals. You can snorkel and explore marine life here without crowds.

I moved to Malta in 2011 and lived in Marsaskala for 3 years. During that time, I explored all the beaches in the area, and I would love to share some local tips with you.

This guide has info about the beaches in St. Thomas Bay. It has directions on how to get there, nearby attractions, and other tips. I’ve also added a map of the area for you.

St. Thomas Bay, Malta: Area Map

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St. Thomas Bay Beaches

St. Thomas Bay has two small sandy beaches. This one is 7 meters wide, but you can swim from the rocks on its left. Ladders provide easy access.

There’s another sandy beach at St. Thomas Bay is in front of Zion Bar. It’s slightly bigger but still tiny. Both are shallow and safe for kids. Many boats are in the bay, so stay in the swimmers’ area.

St. Thomas Bay - Pier
Pier at St. Thomas Bay, Marsaskala

You can also walk to Munxar Point, a hidden gem with a limestone arch you can swim through and a rocky beach to sunbathe.

There are ladders for getting into the water, but it’s deep. So, it’s not for kids or people who cannot swim.

St. Thomas Bay - Rocky Beach at Munxar Point
Rocky Beach at Munxar Point, St. Thomas Bay

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My Top Reasons to Visit St. Thomas Bay, Malta 

St. Thomas Bay offers plenty of compelling reasons to visit. Here are a few of the highlights:

Family-Friendly: This place is excellent for families because the water is shallow. Also, parking is nearby, so if you have to carry lots of beach stuff for your kids, the place is convenient.

Great for Water Sports: St. Thomas Bay is an ideal starting point for paddle boarding or kayaking.

I love paddling to Munxar Window, a limestone arch. You can even swim through it if the waters are calm. You will find white limestone cliffs behind the arch. Their colour is lighter than other limestone cliffs in Malta, creating a striking contrast against the blue sea.

If interested, book a paddle boarding or kayaking adventure.

Craving a rush of adrenaline? Click here to book a jet ski adventure and see Malta’s Southeast from a whole new perspective!

Popular Beach Destination in the South of Malta: If you stay in Malta’s South, St. Thomas Bay Beaches are the closest. So, it may be the most accessible place to visit for a quick swim or relaxing afternoon.

Dance after a Swim: Zion Bar with an outdoor garden is a great place to enjoy the summer evening after swimming. There are usually parties and concerts at Zion.

Scenic Walking Opportunities: St. Thomas Bay offers plenty of walking opportunities. You can stroll along the 5-kilometre-long promenade in Marsaskala or hike to the Munxar cliffs for stunning nature views.

St. Thomas Bay - Munxar Window
Munxar Window

How to Get There?

The Bay of St. Thomas is in southeastern Malta, close to Marsaskala town. You can reach it by bus or by driving to Marsaskala. Free parking along the road is a few minutes walk from the beach. Arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds.

  • Location: link to Google Maps
  • Nearest bus stop: Bajja
  • Walking distance from the bus stop: 0.5 kilometres
  • Frequency of the buses: every 30 minutes
  • Parking available: Parking is available along the road.

Things to Do at St. Thomas Bay, Malta

Swim in the clear blue waters, sunbathe on the beach and explore the rock formations.

Remember your snorkelling gear; the bay is teeming with marine life! On the seafloor, you can view sea bream, sea bass, octopus, and other fish alongside aquatic vegetation resembling an underwater meadow.

Hike to Munxar Point to view the white cliffs, and take many pictures. Unfortunately, there’s no way to go down the cliffs, but you have a great view from the top.

You can also hike from there to St. Peter’s Pool. Check my trekking guide.

St. Thomas Bay - Munxar Point
Munxar Point

You explore the white Munxar cliffs by kayak. It’s a great way to see caves, swim, and experience nature’s beauty in Malta’s South. Click here to book a kayaking adventure.

There are a few restaurants and food trucks in the bay. You can grab lunch and eat next to the sea. Also, visit the local reggae bar, Zion, for drinks, music and dance. 

Tips for a Perfect Experience

  • To avoid crowds on Sundays, arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Remember to bring sunscreen and a hat because the sun is very intense.
  • Step carefully on the rocks because they might be slippery.
  • Don’t disturb marine life or vegetation if you snorkel.
  • There is a pier where boats get in and out of the water. Use the swim buoy to be visible if you want to snorkel out of the swimmers’ zone.  

St. Thomas Bay, Malta: FAQ

What is the Maltese name of St Thomas Bay?

The local name for St. Thomas Bay is “Bajja ta’ San Tumas” in Maltese.

Is St. Thomas Bay dog-friendly?

Yes, St. Thomas Bay on the Munxar side welcomes dogs. Please remember to keep your dog on a leash and clean up after them.

What are the options for food and drinks near St. Thomas Bay?

St. Thomas Bay has a few restaurants and kiosks. My top pick is Zion for pizza, burgers, and healthy choices. Just a quick drive from there is Marsaskala town, with many restaurants and cafes to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Are there facilities for water sports in St. Thomas Bay?

There is a water sports rental shop, where you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, or boats. They even offer guided tours in the area.

How do I ensure my safety while swimming in St. Thomas Bay?

While St. Thomas Bay is usually a safe spot for swimming, it’s best to stick to the designated swimming areas, especially if you’re with children. Remember to watch out for boats and jet skis while enjoying the water.

Is there parking available near St. Thomas Bay?

Yes, you can find free parking along the road to St. Thomas Bay. There are many spots available, but it can get crowded on Sundays.

St. Thomas Bay is an excellent place to spend a day away from the tourist crowds. Swim in the crystal clear sea, sunbathe, explore the limestone arch, enjoy the reggae bar and take a hike to see the stunning views. It’s a great way to spend a summer day.

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