Hondoq Bay: Your Go-To Spot for Beach Fun in Gozo

Clear turquoise waters along the coastline of Hondoq ir-Rummien Beach in Gozo, Malta, with rocky shores and distant islands visible under a sunny sky.

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Hondoq Bay, located in the south of Gozo, is also known as Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay, the Pomegranate Moat. This beach is popular for its crystal-clear waters and local atmosphere.

I moved to Malta in 2011 and have enjoyed many visits to Gozo. I’ve had the chance to explore every part of this beautiful island and I’m eager to share some insider tips with you.

This post is here to help you explore the wonders of Hondoq Bay. Find out all about this lovely beach – from how you can reach it to the fun things you can do there. This post is full of tips to ensure you have a fantastic visit.

My Top Reasons to Visit Hondoq Bay

Comino views: From Hondoq Bay, you get a stunning view of Comino. It’s like sitting in front of a real-life postcard.

Crystal clear: Hondoq Bay water? It’s so clear, it’s like looking through the glass!

People sitting on rocky steps overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay in Gozo, Malta, with a swimmer enjoying the refreshing sea.
Crystal-Clear Waters of Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay, Gozo

Safe and kid-friendly: The bay is super safe to swim in. Plus, there’s a lifeguard around, so you’re in good hands.

Local vibes: This bay is where the locals hang out. So, if you want to chill like they do, this is the place.

Adventure time: If you’re into fun stuff like jet skiing or kayaking, Hondoq’s got you covered. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, book a kayak tour and paddle from Hondoq to Comino.

Jump right in: Want to dive into warm blue water? Here, you can. A jumping spot offers three heights.

Snack time: Feeling hungry? There’s a kiosk nearby. Grab a snack, a drink, and enjoy the beach vibes.

Rocky coastline on the right side of Hondoq Bay in Gozo, Malta, with clear blue waters stretching to the horizon.
Rocky Coastline on the Right Side of Hondoq Bay in Gozo

Why Hondoq Bay Might Not Be for You?

Here are some things that might not be everyone’s cup of tea about Hondoq Bay:

Crowd alert: Hondoq Bay can get super packed, especially during July, August and September. If you’re not a fan of crowds, you might want to visit early in the morning.

Pebbles vs sand: The beach is more pebble than sandy. So, if you’re dreaming of soft sand between your toes, this might not be the spot.

Limited facilities: While there are some facilities like a snack kiosk and toilets, don’t expect a full-blown resort experience. There are no umbrellas or sundeck rentals, nor fancy eateries.

Noisy: If you’re looking for a quiet spot, know there are many water sports happening, like jet skiing and kayaking. It could be fun, but also noisy.

Remember, everyone’s experience is different. What might be a downside for one person could be a highlight for another. If you’re planning a visit, it’s always helpful to know what to expect!

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How to Get to Hondoq Bay?

Thinking about taking the bus? Well, it’s doable, but the closest bus stop is about 15 minutes away, and you have to walk downhill. So, after a fun day at the beach, brace yourself for an uphill trek back to the stop. Buses depart from Victoria every hour or so. Check this website for routes and schedules.

You can also walk from Mgarr Harbour. There’s a beautiful trail that leads directly to Hondoq Bay. It’s a 30-minute trek, and the path is marked with red spots to guide you.

However, be cautious as some parts of the trail are quite narrow. If you’re considering this walk, avoid midday in the summer due to the intense heat.

Now, the easiest way to reach Hondoq Bay is by car. Just follow the signs, and you’ll find yourself in this beachy paradise in no time. Plus, there’s a spacious parking area right near the beach, so no need to stress about where to leave your vehicle. Below are the location and car park details.

If you’re vacationing in Malta and want the freedom to explore at your own pace, consider renting a car. It’s the ultimate way to uncover Malta’s hidden treasures, including Hondoq Bay. I’ve had a great experience with Discover Cars – they offer a range of options without breaking the bank.

Getting There:

  • Location: link to Google Maps
  • Nearest bus stop: Kuncizzjoni
  • Walking distance from the bus stop: 15 minutes walk away or 1.20 kilometres away
  • Frequency of the buses: every 60 minutes or less
  • Parking available: car park near the beach

Views of Comino from the rocky shoreline of Hondoq Bay in Gozo, Malta, with a person sitting on the rocks enjoying the serene blue waters.
Views of Comino from the Hondoq Beach, Gozo

Things to do in Hondoq Bay

Here’s a list of fun things to do:

Boat ride fun: Rent a boat and feel the wind in your hair! You can zip around and visit other bays. You can hire a boat with a skipper or rent a self-driving boat here.

Water sports: If you’re into water action, try jet skiing, kayaking, waterskiing or a crazy sofa ride. Book yours here.

Snorkel time: The water’s clear, it’s perfect for snorkelling. Dive in and say hi to the fishies!

Beach bites: Hungry? Grab a bite at the Hondoq kiosk. Their tuna ftira is delish!

Jump in: If you’re feeling brave, there are spots to jump into the sea.

Hidden bay: Explore the hidden Ta’ Bumbarin Bay to the right of Hondoq. It’s like a small fjord with a cave to swim into.

Rocky coastline leading to the serene waters of Ta' Bumbarin Bay, a short walk away from Hondoq Bay in Gozo, Malta.
Ta’ Bumbarin Bay, short Walk away from Hondoq Bay, Gozo

Nature walk: Take a scenic walk from Hondoq Bay to Mgarr Harbour. Follow those red spots, but be careful, some parts are tricky. Get a full hiking guide here.

Chill & swim: The beach might be pebbly, but it’s perfect for swimming. And if you just want to relax, grab a sunbed and soak up the sun. 

Kayak to Comino: Book a kayaking tour and head to Comino. It’s a nearby island that’s worth a visit. Book it here.

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Places to Stay in Gozo

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Townhouse17 Boutique B&B: Located in Victoria, Gozo’s capital, this boutique hotel with stylish rooms and excellent dining in Victoria. Book here.

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz: A 5-star luxury experience with gardens, spa and multiple pools in San Lawrenz. Book here.

Tips for the Best Experience at Hondoq Bay

Peak times: Hondoq Bay is small and crowded, especially on weekends and bank holidays. If you’re more into calm, serene vibes, visit during weekdays or early mornings.

Stay hydrated: Malta’s sun is very intense. Always keep a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. Hey, while we’re talking about the sun, put on that sunscreen. Your skin will thank you!

Footwear alert: The beach is pebbly so to keep your feet happy, consider wearing aqua shoes. 

Jumping in: Hondoq Bay has some cool spots where you can jump straight into the blue waters. But remember safety first! Always check the depth and watch out for underwater rocks or people swimming before jumping.

Jellyfish watch: Ah, jellyfish, the uninvited guests of the sea. While they can be beautiful to look at, some can give you a nasty sting. If you’re unsure about the types of jellyfish around or how to stay safe, check out my handy jellyfish guide. It’s packed with all the info you need.

A person sitting on a ladder by the edge of a rocky platform, ready to swim in the clear turquoise waters of Ta' Bumbarin Bay, Gozo.
Swimming in Ta’ Bumbarin Bay, Gozo

Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay is a great beach in Gozo. The water is clear, and there are places to jump into and spots to relax. It’s a beach where everyone can find something fun to do.

Guess what? I have more fun guides for you! Check out my guide to top things to do in Gozo, or learn about other Gozo beaches like Ramla, San Blas, Mgarr Ix-Xini Bay, Xlendi, and Wied il-Ghasri.

If you want a quiet beach, I have a guide to secret Gozo beaches. Have fun exploring, and I hope you have lots of beach adventures!

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