Dwejra Bay: Insider Travel Tips to Enjoy the Best of Gozo [2024]

Dwejra Bay - Dwejra Bay at Golden Hour

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Dwejra Bay in Gozo, Malta is a hidden gem. It’s a stunning place with deep blue waters and majestic cliffs. Swim in Malta’s Blue Hole, a cave that dips deep into the sea. Explore the Inland Sea and take a boat ride through caves. And those sunsets? They’re breathtaking.

It’s a lovely bay far from the crowds and a must-see when in Gozo. Here, you can truly connect with nature. I’ve lived in Malta since 2011. I visit Gozo often, and Dwejra Bay is always on my list. I love swimming here and watching the sunset.

In this post, discover the top attractions in Dwejra Bay. I’ve included a map and insider tips for you. It’s advice from a local who knows and loves the area.

Why is Dwejra Bay in Gozo Worth Visiting?

Gozo Dwejra Bay is a nature lover’s paradise, with plenty of activities and sights to enjoy. The Azure Window used to be the most iconic sight in Malta. But, it collapsed during a storm in 2017.

Yet, even without it, Dwejra Bay is still a fantastic place to visit. I always visit Dwejra Bay when I come to Gozo. I love coming here during the magical golden hour when the site is quiet and the sky red. 

Dwejra Bay - Azure Window
Azure Window

Tips Before Going to Gozo Dwejra Bay

There are a few things you should know before you visit Dwejra Bay.

  • You should wear shoes that are appropriate for walking on sharp cliffs.

  • The sun in Malta is very intense, so wear a hat and sun protection.

  • If you plan on swimming, bring your snorkelling gear. Also, take sandals or aqua shoes since the rocks to get into the water are sharp.

  • You’ll find ice cream stands, sandwich kiosks, and a restaurant. No grocery stores are nearby, so bring food and drinks.

  • It’s dangerous to go swimming if it’s windy or wavy. You won’t be able to exit the water. There aren’t any ladders.

  • Respect the environment and wildlife. Make sure you don’t leave any trash.

How to Get to Dwejra Bay?

Dwejra Bay is on the west side of Gozo, and it is easy to access by car. Parking is plentiful. Buses are also available from Victoria, but they don’t run late in the evening and only run every hour.

  • Location: link to Google Maps
  • Nearest bus stop: Dwejra
  • Walking distance from the bus stop: 50 meters
  • Frequency of the buses: every hour. Buses don’t run late at night, so check the timetable.
  • Parking available: in the car park here

You can also visit Dwejra and many other Gozo attractions on a Jeep Tour. Book it below!

Best Time to Visit Dwejra Bay

The ideal time to visit Dwejra Bay in the summer is the evening. When the sun dips below the horizon, the area becomes so quiet. So enjoy the beauty of the place while watching the sun disappear. 

Dwejra Bay - Sunset
Sunset Colours

It’s also an excellent idea to visit it in the morning when the sun isn’t so intense. Then, you can swim and enjoy the views without feeling too hot.

During other times of the year, you can visit Dwejra Bay anytime. In winter and spring, the landscape is alive with lush greenery and vibrant blooms. Unfortunately, the restaurant and kiosks will likely be closed during this time.

Dwejra Bay in Gozo: Map

Here’s a map with the main sites of Dwejra Bay.

Map courtesy of Wanderlog, an itinerary planner on iOS and Android
  1. Inland Sea
  2. Blue Hole
  3. Dwejra Tower
  4. Crocodile Rock
  5. Fungus Rock

Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is a shallow 60-meter-wide lagoon. It has an 80-meter tunnel that connects the lagoon to the Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba diving is very popular in the Dwejra Inland Sea. However, those who do not want to dive can take a boat trip through the tunnel and explore caves along Gozo’s western shore.

Dwejra Bay - Inland Sea Tunnel
Inland Sea Tunnel

When the sun shines through the tunnel connecting the lagoon to the sea, you get a spectacular view of the inland sea.

I also recommend hiking around the Dwejra Inland Sea. You can experience a stunning panoramic view of the Inland Sea, the cliffs, and the caves from the top.

Dwejra Bay - Inland Sea
Inland Sea
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Blue Hole

The Blue Hole in Gozo Dwejra Bay is a cave without a roof, but the sunlight shines through the water. Take a look at it from the top first.

The viewpoint of the Blue Hole is here. On a still day, I love watching scuba divers’ silver bubbles break the water’s surface. Also, looking at the same spot from up high offers an entirely different view.

Dwejra Bay - Blue Hole
Blue Hole in Gozo, Malta

To get to the Blue Hole, you will have to walk down some steps through rocks. At one point, you will have to go along the cliffs on sharp rocks. That part might be covered in water, which is why sandals or aqua shoes come in handy.

Swimming in the Blue Hole is best done from the hole’s edge. Barefoot might not be comfortable due to the rocks. Also, there might be sea urchins.

I love snorkelling here. It is impressive to look at the sea depths through an underwater window. However, do not dive through it because it’s too deep and dangerous.

Swimming in the open sea behind the blue hole is also possible. Make sure you have your snorkelling gear. You can swim along the wall and see plenty of fish. At sunset, the light is beautiful.

You can swim left towards the Coral Gardens. Tunnels and other rock formations are present underwater, as well as many different fish species.

There are many snorkelling spots in Malta and Gozo, but my favourite is the Blue Hole and Coral Gardens. If you enjoy snorkelling, I check out my guide to the finest snorkelling spots in Malta and Gozo.

Dwejra Tower

Next, you can visit the Dwejra Tower. From there, you can see fantastic views of Dwejra Bay. It was built in 1652 by the Knights of St John to protect the island from invasion. It has three 6-pounder guns. The tower was restored from 1997 to 1999 and is now open to the public.

Dwejra Bay - Dwejra Tower
Dwejra Tower

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Crocodile Rock

From the Dwejra Tower, you can see Crocodile Rock. Crocodile Rock, another popular dive spot, is shaped like a crocodile hunting in the Mediterranean Sea. It is mid-way between Fungus Rock and the Blue Hole. Can you spot it? 

Fungus Rock

When standing in front of the Fungus Rock, I can’t help but wonder about its infamous namesake, the Maltese Fungus.

The Knights of St John found a plant and misidentified it as a fungus. It was a parasitic plant, but they believed it had healing properties.

They even gave it to renowned noblemen and visitors. Crossing the border of this rock was a severe offence – those caught did not get three years in jail!

Dwejra Bay - Sunset at Dwejra Bay
Sunset at Dwejra Bay

Hike along Dwejra Bay

You can take a pleasant coastal walk. I like to watch the sunset on this peninsula. Take it slowly over the rocks because they may be slippery.

The bay is worth taking a stroll around if you’re feeling up to it. Below is a photo of one of my favourite viewpoints. There won’t be many people there, so it will be peaceful, and you’ll have a unique perspective of Dwejra Bay.

Dwejra Bay - Fungus Rock
Fungus Rock from Across the Bay

Be sure you don’t miss out on Dwejra Bay in Gozo, Malta’s sister island. There are lots to see and do here, from swimming in the Dwejra’s Inland Sea and the Blue Hole to hiking and climbing the Dwejra Tower.

Be sure to bring snorkelling gear, aqua shoes, sun protection and a hat.

If you like this guide, check out my blogs on the best things to do in Gozo, secret beaches in Gozo, Mgar ix-Xini, Ghasri Valley and hidden gems in Malta.

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