Comino Coastal Hike: Stunning Views and Hidden Gems

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The Comino coastal hike is the ultimate way to discover the raw beauty of Malta. This trail will take you along crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs, and hidden caves that will leave you speechless.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t Comino famous for the Blue Lagoon?” You’re absolutely right! The Blue Lagoon is Comino’s main attraction. Yet, the island is perfect for hiking. It has no cars, no roads, and just few buildings. Once you leave the Blue Lagoon, the island becomes quiet. It’s just you and nature.

I’ve been living in Malta since 2011 and I’ve visited Comino many times over the years. I avoid the island during the crowded summer season. But I love visiting in the spring. Hiking around its rugged coastline is an amazing experience.

  • Distance: 7,6 km
  • Walking Time: 2 h 15 mins
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Uphill: 100 m
  • Downhill: 100 m
  • Highest Point: 46 m

Best time to go: anytime, but avoid mid-day heat between June and September

In this guide, I’ll share all the details you need to know. I’ll provide a map of the route and the main landmarks.

Getting Ready for a Hike

Before you set off on your Comino coastal hike, there are a few things you need to prepare.

Don’t forget the sunblock and a cap. The sun can be very intense, especially during late spring to early autumn.

If you’re planning your hike anytime from March to November, it’s a good idea to pack your swimsuit. You’ll definitely want to jump into the crystal-clear waters along the way.

Food options on the island are limited. In the summer, kiosks in Comino sell sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. But, elsewhere, there are no food options. So, pack water, snacks and eat a big breakfast before hiking.

In Camino, there are two public toilets. One is near the harbour in Blue Lagoon, and the other is located at Santa Maria Bay.

Getting to Comino

To get to Comino, you’ll have to go by boat. You have two options for catching a boat from Malta. The first option is from Cirkewwa, where ferries leave for Gozo. The second option is from Marfa. If you are staying in Gozo, you can catch a boat from Mgarr Harbour.

A return ticket costs 15 euro per person. You get a small discount if you buy it online. Buying online is a good idea because the boats are small, so you won’t have to wait for the next one.

But don’t worry, you can also buy your ticket before boarding the boat.

Small boat with pink sunroof filled with people on their way to Comino Island, Malta
On the Boat to Comino

Make sure to check the timetable for the return boat. Unless you’re traveling during the summer season, the last boat departs quite early, usually around 3 or 4 pm. Keep this in mind when planning your hike.

The boat ride takes about 10 to 15 minutes. On the way, the boats will stop so you can admire some beautiful caves. They’ll then take you to the small harbour next to the famous Blue Lagoon.

Sunlight illuminating the rocky cliffs inside the Blue Lagoon sea cave in Malta.
Sea Cave on the Way to Comino

Comino Coastal Hike Map

Below is the map for the Camino hike. You can download the Komoot app and follow the route.

Blue Lagoon, the Starting Point of the Hike

As soon as you step off the boat, you’ll likely see a crowd of people. This place is popular and always busy, no matter the season or weather.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Its turquoise waters are crystal clear and breathtaking. The beach itself is quite small, and you’ll find sunbeds occupying a good part of the space.

Crystal clear turquoise waters and rocky cliffs at the Blue Lagoon in Comino, Malta
Blue Lagoon, the Starting Point of Comino Hike

You can stay at the Blue Lagoon for a bit to see the scenery. Then, continue walking along the water south toward the Comino Tower.

As you walk, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the Blue Lagoon from a elevated vantage point on the hill.

Aerial view of the Blue Lagoon along the hike in Comino with rocky cliffs and boats.
Comino’s Blue Lagoon from Above

In my opinion, the Blue Lagoon is hands down the most stunning place you can visit in Malta. The colours of the water are unreal.

Crystal Lagoon

After a short 10-minute walk from the Blue Lagoon, you’ll reach another stunning bay. It’s called Crystal Lagoon. This lagoon is always filled with boats.

On this hike, you can admire Crystal Lagoon from the edge of the cliff above. The water here has a different hue compared to the Blue Lagoon. It’s deeper. Various algae and rocks below the surface create a variety of blue shades.

Aerial view of crystal clear turquoise waters and rocky cliffs in Comino, Malta, with boats anchored in the Crsytal Lagoon.
Crystal Lagoon on a Hike in Comino

Within the bay, you’ll notice some rocks and a tunnel on the left. The tunnel is about 30 metres long and you can swim inside. Small boats also venture into the tunnel.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a dip in the Crystal Lagoon. There’s a path on the right of the bay that leads to the water. In fact, Crystal Lagoon is my favourite place to swim and snorkel. But I usually come here in summer on a boat trip.

Saint Mary’s Tower

From Crystal Lagoon, continue uphill along the coast towards Saint Mary’s Tower. You can see it from far away. Feel free to visit it. The entrance is free, and even if it’s closed, the views surrounding it are amazing.

Saint Mary’s Tower, or the Comino Tower, is a massive fortified watchtower. It’s a real icon on the island. It’s 80 metres tall, so you can see it from Malta and Gozo.

This tower was vital in the Order of Saint John’s defence system. Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt approved its construction in 1618. The aim was to protect Cittadella, located in Gozo and Mdina.

Are you planning to visit Blue Lagoon in Comino? Check out my guide to the best Blue Lagoon boat tours.

From Saint Mary’s Tower to Santa Maria Bay

After exploring Saint Mary’s Tower, head left and follow the path. The path is in pretty good condition, so it’ll be a easy to walk.

As you walk, make sure to venture closer to the coast. You’ll discover some nice little caves along the way.

Turquoise waters crash against the rugged coastline of Comino, Malta, revealing sea caves carved into the cliffs.
Comino’s Coastal Caves along the Hike

After about 2 km, you’ll reach Il-Batterija ta’ Santa Marija. This historic battery was built in the early 18th century to strengthen the island’s defences. Today, you can explore the remains of the battery.

Aerial view of Il-Batterija ta' Santa Marija, an 18th-century battery on the coast of Comino, Malta, surrounded by clear blue waters
Il-Batterija ta’ Santa Marija, Comino

After you’ve checked the battery, retrace your steps. Walk towards the abandoned buildings. Now, this part can be a bit tricky, so it’s best to use the map I provided.

You’ll need to turn inland and pass through the old abandoned pig farm of Comino. It might sound a bit weird, but it’s all part of the adventure!

It takes around 15 minutes to navigate through this section. After that, you’ll find yourself on a small downhill island path. Follow this path, and it will lead you to the beautiful Santa Maria Bay.

Santa Maria Bay

Santa Maria Bay is a small, sandy beach on Comino’s northern coast. It’s never crowded! Even during peak season.

A boat is docked in the clear turquoise waters of the Santa Maria Bay on Comino, with rocky cliffs and beach in the foreground, a popular stop on the island's coastal hike.
Santa Maria Bay, a Great Stop for a Break on the Comino Hike

I definitely recommend taking a break at this beach. Find a cosy spot on the sand, have lunch and soak in the stunning surroundings.

Santa Maria Caves

Santa Maria Caves is a secret spot for you on Comino that most people don’t know about, not even the locals.

To find it, head right from Santa Maria Bay and follow the path. Now, I’ll be honest, the path isn’t super clear, so make sure you use my map. After about 10 minutes of walking, you’ll reach a rocky coastline.

The entrance to a dark cave with layered rock walls, seen while hiking the coastal trail on Comino island.
Entrance to the Santa Maria Cave

Keep your eyes peeled because the cave isn’t obvious until you’re really close.
Inside the cave, there’s a little lagoon. To reach it, make your way down the rocks. Watch your step, though, as it can be a bit slippery.

Follow the cave on the left to the end. You’ll find an opening that leads straight to the sea. It’s truly breathtaking.

A boat carrying passengers visible through a cave opening on Comino's coast, an impressive sight along the hiking trail.
Santa Maria Caves

I once went snorkelling in that little lagoon, and it was an unforgettable experience. As you swim, you can see an underwater opening to the sea.

Returning to the Blue Lagoon

After exploring the Santa Maria Caves, head back to Santa Maria Bay. From there, follow the small path towards the Blue Lagoon.

As you walk, keep an eye out for a little church.

An old limestone church building with bell towers stands amid bare trees on a sunny day, along the Comino coastal hike trail.
A Small Church along the Comino Hike

The walk back to the Blue Lagoon is around 3 km, but it’s a flat and enjoyable route. As you stroll along the path, you’ll see stunning views of the coast and the blue Mediterranean Sea.

As you get closer to the Blue Lagoon, you’ll start seeing more and more people. You’ll realise how popular the Blue Lagoon is.

Aerial view of boats docked in a cove with bright blue water surrounded by rocky cliffs on a sunny day
Boats Dock at the Blue Lagoon

If you want to take a break and cool off, you can join the crowds and take a dip in the water. Or, you can make your way back to the ferry.

Wrap Up

The Comino coastal hike is a great choice to see the untouched beauty of Comino’s island.

You’ll pass through the famous Blue Lagoon and discover hidden spots like the Santa Maria Caves. The hike offers stunning views, refreshing swims, and a peaceful escape into nature.

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